“Made in Pakistan” Exhibition at the Alhamra Art Center

The “Made in Pakistan” exhibition at the Alhamra Art Center in Bernardsville, New Jersey, features work from contemporary Pakistani artists such as R.M. Naeem, Zulfiqar Zulfi, Ali Azmet, Amir Taj , Komal Nasir, Bilal Ashraf Butt, Madiha Saail Khan, Nawal Javaid Qumboh, Raja Najam Ul Hassan, Sadaf Farasat, and more. “Made in Pakistan” highlights contemporary Pakistani art which reflects the sociopolitical and cultural evolution of the country since its birth in 1947. This year being the 70th anniversary of Pakistan, this exhibition hopes to celebrate the unique Pakistan art scene.
In addition to featured artists, “Made in Pakistan” has collaborated with the small industries corporation of Pakistan Handicrafts, and has sourced select pieces from all over Pakistan. From the embroidered shawls of Murree to the caps of Quetta, from the woodwork of Karachi to the carved camel-bone accessories of Multan, from the woolen fabrics of Peshawar to the brass and copper metalwork of Lahore, this event aims to showcase the diversity and talent of Pakistan.
A very limited number of antiques that evoke nostalgia and old world charm have also been specially selected for this show. A pre-partition copper paan-daan and brass plates from Mohenjo-daro and Taxila are some examples. A very impressive relic that is also featured is an early 19th-century gold-threaded embroidered shawl which has been a heirloom for a Rajput family.
The idea of this showcase is to present Pakistan in all its varied colors. The artifacts included in the show reflect the modern and the traditional, the new and the old.

“Made in Pakistan” can be viewed at the Alhamra Art Center from August 1st to August 31st, 2017, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at 21 Claremont Road, Bernardsville, New Jersey, 07920.