APF Cheers on Team Pakistan at the Robot Olympics in DC

Write up by Aleeza Ali
APF’s Aleeza Ali with Team Pakistan
FIRST Global organizes an annual Olympic style robotics tournament that invites high school teams from all over the world. This year, students from almost 160 different countries traveled to Washington, DC to participate. The challenge this year was themed “provide access to clean water”. This year’s robotics challenge reflects how the global community needs to cooperate to solve our world’s water crisis. Teams were organized into two competing alliances, each alliance composed of three national teams that rearrange into different alliances for each match. These alliances are tasked with accomplishing engineering tasks such as the storing of drinkable water, filtering of contaminated water, and procuring of new sources water.

Team Pakistan at the Opening Ceremony

Team Pakistan, made up of six young students from EMS High School in Islamabad, competed in the FIRST Global challenge and were cheered on by APF Team Members, Aleeza Ali and Silveth Khawaja. The team was selected after winning first place in a national robotics competition, which helps to drive interest in the fields of science and technology.  The international competition allowed the students to showcase their talent while challenging them to learn new skills by completing at a global level.