APF Team Highlight: Recent Graduates, Kacie Rettig and Michael Christesen

The American Pakistan Foundation (APF) is supported by incredible staff and volunteers all across the United States and the globe. Two of these volunteers are Kacie Rettig and Michael Christesen, who recently graduated from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with degrees in Economics and History, and Government and Anthropology, respectively. Through their liberal art educations and on-campus involvements, they both realized a passion for giving back through meaningful work.

As correspondents, Michael and Kacie’s main duties are to assist APF by writing, editing, and researching articles to be featured in the organization’s monthly newsletters. In addition, they provide high level support development and administrative as needed.

“I discovered the opportunity to work with APF last October, and so far it’s been an incredible experience to learn more about American-Pakistanis’ work in the States and in Pakistan,” stated Rettig, who currently lives in Washington, D.C. where she works as a federal contractor, in addition to volunteering with progressive action groups in the District. “I think in today’s climate, it’s crucial that organizations like APF continue to promote, publicize, and support directives that not only have a positive impact on Pakistan, but also help facilitate positive relations between Pakistan and the United States,” said Rettig. “The projects APF supports provide invaluable entrepreneurial services, and help promote progress domestically and worldwide.”

When Michael learned about the opportunity to volunteer with APF through an alum earlier this year, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to get involved as well. Currently working as an Assistant Language Teacher with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme in Shimonoseki, Japan, Christesen has a keen interest for international relations. On why he got involved with APF, he stated “I wanted to work with an organization that is actively promoting positive communication and dialogue internationally. The world is becoming increasingly connected everyday, and it’s important for us to build and maintain diplomatic, business, and personal relationships with people across the globe.”

Both Rettig and Christesen are interested in pursuing careers in the public policy, with plans for graduate school in the future. Both are excited to be working and supporting APF, and look forward helping both their knowledge and the organization grow.