Fundraising Effort for Pakistani McGill University Students

The students with their faces purposely not photographed as they do not want to stand out and they feel as though they have more to accomplish

Fazal and Mahmood, two brilliant engineering students at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, come from an impoverished background in Karachi, Pakistan. Their father supports their family of five by working as a roadside fruit-cart vendor and earns less than $5 a day. Although their mother works as a tailor to supplement their family income, due to poor health, she is unable to substantially contribute towards her family’s upkeep.

Despite living in a slum community where access to education is hard to come by, Fazal and Mahmood’s father always believed that education was the solution for their impoverished situation.  Despite his meager resources, he contributed whatever he could towards his children’s schooling. Fazal and Mahmood’s journey to the world renowned McGill were featured in “Fruits of Labour,” on Dawn News, and on Humans of Karachi.

In Fall 2017, Fazal will start his 5th and final year at McGill’s Materials Engineering Co-op Program. As part of his curriculum, he is required to get work experience for academic credit though a program arranged by McGill. Due to his hard work and great performance at McGill, Fazal was selected by one of the world’s leading steel manufactures in their Fukuyama, Japan office to complete his co-op internship in May 2017. Fazal is currently working in Japan, and walks about 5 km after work from his office to his home in order to save money for his upkeep.

In Fall 2017, Mahmood will be starting his 3rd year at McGill’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Program. Within his first two years, Mahmood has already received multiple academic awards and recognitions while maintaining leadership positions and involvement in various extra-curricular activities on campus, ranging from the McGill Student Cricket Club to the McGill Avionics Division’s Space Rocket Team. In his free time, he works on campus by helping with moving and assembling furniture. Part of the money he earns, he sends back to Pakistan to help pay for books for his younger sister’s education. He uses the rest to help pay for his rent and food costs. Given his strong academic performance, Mahmood was also invited by McGill to take part in an honors research program reserved for top performers in Summer 2017.

i-Care is spearheading a fundraising effort to cover Fazal and Mahmood’s educational expenses for the coming academic year. To date, their university costs have been covered through donations by generous sponsors on an annual basis. The target all-in-cost amount to be raised for Fazal is $24,000, and for Mahmood, $48,000. i-Care aims to raise the required funds by August 25, 2017, to meet the semester deadline to allow for full enrollment. Fazal and Mahmood are in need of your help, as without this critical funding they will not be able to continue their undergraduate education at McGill University.

Please spread the word about this fundraising effort to those who you believe may be interested in donating. Islamic zakat can also be used for donations. As this fundraising effort is being led by i-Care, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

If you would like to donate by credit card you can do so through this link (the donation form is at the bottom of the page). If you are interested in donating in another form, have questions, or would like to know more about how you can help, please contact