Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland to a Pakistani mother and Indian father, Amna Hashmi graduated cum laude in Computer Science from Harvard College in May 2016. At Harvard, she served as a news editor and on the executive board of The Harvard Crimson and chaired WECode, the largest student-run conference for collegiate women in computer science in the country.

Recently, Amna was selected as a Maryland delegate to a 2016 Presidential National Convention, where she met Representatives Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, the two Muslim members of Congress.  Her experience inspired her to greater engagement and civic participation. According to the nonpartisan Institute for Social and Policy Understanding, American Muslims are among the least likely faith groups to be politically engaged. A recent study found only 60 % of eligible Muslim voters were registered to vote, compared to a combined 86% of Jews, Catholics and Protestants.

Amna believes it is important for the American Pakistani community to become politically engaged.  As an APF youth leader, she designed and built an online voter registration tool deployed in several key states, including Virginia, Texas, and New York. She is working to ensure a record turnout of American Pakistanis in the coming election–regardless of who they vote for—as an affirmation of our community’s commitment to American democracy. From recently naturalized U.S. citizens to newly eligible 18-year-olds and everyone in between, Amna believes our voices deserve to be heard.

In addition to her voter registration efforts, Amna works to define health outcomes on a national scale as a software engineer at Better Outcomes, a healthcare technology startup located in Boston.