Membership in Action: Zulfi Jafri

Zulfi Jafri presenting on Naya Jeevan and doctHERs at the APF and NYU PSA Sustainable Development Forum

Zulfi Jafri’s journey as an APF volunteer leader began at APF’s inaugural gala in 2009.  Jafri’s personal vision aligns with APF’s mission to catalyze development in Pakistan.  He works with like-minded people to support the communities of the young nation.  As APF’s Ambassador in NYC, Jafri focuses on creating connectivity within the APF community in support of APF’s mission.

Born in Pakistan, Jafri came to the United States as a high school student as part of the American Field Service program and made the country his home.  He went onto complete a degree in accounting from the University of Buffalo and an MBA from Pace University.  He pursued a 15 year corporate career at Xerox, Nestle, and GE until his entrepreneurial passion emerged.  Jafri currently runs hospitality and medical diagnostics businesses while pursuing his passion to serve humanity.

Jafri’s commitment to development in Pakistan is focused on providing access to healthcare, a mission that is driven by personal experience with his daughter getting sick as a child.  He sees healthcare as a key element to development, as community members are unable to prosper in educational and vocational pursuits while debilitated by illness.  He is personally committed to strengthening the health based social enterprises, Naya Jeevan and doctHERs, two development organizations with a demonstrated track record that are ready to scale and amplify their impact.

Jafri’s social enterprise work began with Naya Jeevan, an organization that provides access to affordable, quality healthcare to the urban poor in Pakistan, in collaboration with large corporate employers and insurance companies.  As a Founding Board Member, he pursues philanthropic engagement with USAID, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Gates Foundation, and The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE).

Jafri’s passion for social entrepreneurship continues today as an Advisory Board Member for doctHERs, an organization that grew out of an innovative Naya Jeevan community health project.  doctHERs utilizes technology to connect marginalized communities to high-quality health and wellness services while integrating female home-based doctors and community-based healthcare professionals into the health workforce in Pakistan, helping to bridge gaps in healthcare delivery and inclusive employment of women.