APF Emerging Leaders Mentorship and Internship Program
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APF is excited to announce the launch of the APF Emerging Leaders Mentorship and Internship Program Portal. We aim to leverage APF and community networks to connect mentors and hosts with mentees and interns across the United States. Mentorship and internship opportunities have been identified as a need by a range of community members, from students seeking guidance and work experience, to established professionals who are ready to give back and provide opportunities for dedicated youth. This program is open to people of all backgrounds who are based in the United States, regardless of their background or field of interest.
Organizations and companies can join as program partners, and we are also recruiting program promoters, interns, and volunteers. There is a particular need for mentors and internship hosts to sign up. Keep reading to learn more.

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This program is open to people of all 
backgrounds who are based in the United States.
Mentors and/or Internship Hosts: Professionals based in the United States with at least five years of experience who would like to serve as a mentor and/or internship host.
Mentee/Internship Applicants: Students, recent graduates, and young professionals based in the United States who are at least 18 years old and want to apply for local mentorship and/or internship opportunities.
Professionals with 5-12 years of experience can sign up for joint account with two separate profiles to serve as a mentor/host, and as a mentee/intern applicant to receive mentorship from a seasoned professional.
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Matches are made on a rolling basis.
Please carefully read and follow these instructions:
1. Go to the portal at apfleaders.org and click “sign up.”

2. Complete the form on the right and confirm your email address (check your spam folder if the confirmation email is not in your inbox).

3. Login to the portal after confirming, and fully complete your profile.
4. Submit your profile. Once submitted, your profile will be reviewed and approved by the admin.
5. Once approved, mentee and intern applicants can browse mentor/internship host profiles and apply for up to five opportunities in their local area.
6. Matches will be made on a rolling basis via email.
Email leaders@americanpakistan.org if you are having trouble with your account with your full name and the email addressed you used to sign up.

APF Emerging Leaders Mentorship
and Internship Program Partners Wanted
United States based organizations, companies, and student organizations that are willing to recruit mentors and internship hosts, including but not limited to Pakistani and South Asian based ones, can apply to become program partners.
 There is no cost to join, and the main requirement is to promote the program to your members. We plan to recognize the program partners by email and social media, where we have a total of more than 114,000 connections.


APF Emerging Leaders Mentorship

and Internship Program Support 

We are recruiting program promoters, interns,
and volunteers based in the United States.