Spotlight on Surgeon Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin

 Article by Fatimah Alyas

Video: Patient, Mr. Ivory Lindsey and Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin on Fox 26’s “Medical Marvels” Segment

Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin is an otolaryngologist based in Houston, Texas, with a BA/MD from the University of Missouri. As the daughter of a physician, Dr. Mohyuddin was drawn to pursuing a career in medicine from an early age. In particular, her interest in surgery stemmed from her desire to help others and ensure immediate results. Her interest in connecting with patients, in hearing their life stories and concerns, motivated her to eventually pursue work at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, in 2009.

Working at Ben Taub Hospital, Houston’s largest country health facility affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Mohyuddin states, is truly rewarding and necessary. Unlike most private hospitals, county hospitals cater to patients with more varied injuries, and provide treatment to those who have no other options. These types of facilities, she states, should be recognized because they can truly make a difference in someone’s life, as in the case of Mr. Ivory Lindsey.

Although Dr. Mohyuddin has been practicing since 2009, and has performed numerous surgeries on patients, Mr. Ivory Lindsey’s horse-bite neck injury presented a one-of-a-kind challenge. The mechanism of the injury that he sustained was a “first” because of its unusual nature. Dr. Mohyuddin helped identify the violated tissues in his neck and throat, and treated the injuries from both  functional and cosmetic standpoints. The trauma Mr. Lindsey sustained resulted in extensive work on his airway and neck. Through an initial airway surgery, Dr. Mohyuddin and her colleagues were able to identify and work on injuries to Lindsey’s voice-box and tissues. As a result, they were able to preserve Lindsey’s voice.

Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin is not only a brilliant ear, neck, and throat surgeon, but a proud mother of a five year old daughter and an active member of the Houston American and Pakistani communities.  She is an enthusiast for higher education and encourages Pakistani-American youth, especially women, to take advantage of the opportunities offered to students in the United States. Access to higher education in the United States, she states, allows students to pursue whatever vocation they are interested in, regardless of gender barriers or social stigmas. Students should take the initiative to advance in their desired career by pursuing internships, fellowships, and scholarships. The first-hand experience that students are able to receive from shadowing professionals, she states, is invaluable.