UMT Provides Educational Opportunities to Thousands

Dr. Hasan Murad is the Rector of the University of Management and Technology (UMT), a private, not-for-profit university based in Lahore, Pakistan with 19 Schools and institutes and 12,000 students. Dr. Hasan has a vision of improving tertiary education throughout Pakistan. In his voluntary role as the Chairman of the accrediting body for business schools for the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan, he first initiated a gathering of Deans and Directors from business schools all around Pakistan three years ago. This past year, over 500 attendees from more than 120 business schools attended the conference (including a half dozen international schools), to share best practices and to network. UMT has a campus in Lahore, a campus in Sialkot, and a training center in Dubai. Over the last five years, UMT has provided over one billion rupees ($9.5 million USD) in scholarships to students.

Pakistan is a country with huge potential – Goldman Sachs predicts Pakistan will have the 18th largest economy by 2050, but the nation faces an educational system that requires further advancement. While there are improvements needed across all levels of Pakistani education, an area that Dr. Murad identifies as needing major assistance is higher education. In the United States there is a prevalence of strategic philanthropy – employing alumni and community outreach for donations to help cover universities’ costs of scholarships, professor’s salaries, and infrastructure improvements. While Pakistanis are some of the world’s most generous, the concept of philanthropy for higher education is limited, hence this is an area that needs attention in Pakistan.

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at UMT is one of only eight business schools in Pakistan with the highest accreditation level from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It boasts an exchange program that partners with dozens of schools around the world and a research-centric faculty focused on international collaboration. With a focus on research, and a commitment to modern teaching methodologies such as experiential learning and simulations, as well as plans to build a state of the art business school in the next three years, SBE is maintaining its ranking as one of the top business schools in Pakistan. SBE is also committed to sharing best practices and knowledge with other Pakistan universities for the entire country’s benefit.

SBE provides engagement opportunities at the school for the expat Pakistani community to teach for a semester or be a trainer under the auspices of the Center of Executive Education. The Dean of SBE, Professor Bob Wheeler, is an American who has lived and worked in Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, and Pakistan. He was the founding Dean of the Karachi School of Business and Leadership, and lived in Karachi from 2009 – 2012, where he grew to love Pakistan and its people. Dean Wheeler looks forward to working towards bringing SBE to greater heights and to ensure it reaches world class rankings. He can be reached at