APF is a national platform for mobilizing the collective knowledge, resources, and influence of Pakistani Americans, and friends of Pakistan, to strengthen and highlight Pakistani-American civic and political participation in the United States, advance socio-economic development in Pakistan at scale, and foster stronger ties between the peoples of the U.S. and Pakistan.


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The Noor Project: Lighting the Future with Sustainable Impact

The Noor Project was founded in 2012 by Khalid Sheikh as part of the Needy and Hungry Foundation. Mr. Sheikh and his wife have extended their generosity through charity work in…

Why the Diaspora Must Support Pakistan’s Efforts Against Polio

Bill Gates and Rotary President John Germ at the Convention in Atlanta: Shout out to Pakistan.  Photo: Beena Sarwar   As 2017 draws to a close, it’s worth highlighting the…

Combating Stigma and Providing Care - CareForHealth’s Approach to Mental Health in Karachi, Pakistan

In response to the stigma around mental health and illness around the world, there are organizations combating misconceptions while providing assistance to populations in need. CareForHealth is taking a leading role in Karachi, Pakistan...

Spotlight on Pakistan's First Female String Theorist, Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain

String theory is a high-level, nuanced theoretical framework that attempts to unify the four forces of the universe. While the idea of study in this area is daunting for many, string…

Spotlight on Surgeon Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin

 Article by Fatimah Alyas Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin is an otolaryngologist based in Houston, Texas, with a BA/MD from the University of Missouri. As the daughter of a…

Spotlight on Community Leader, Nusrat Sohail

Article by Fatimah Alyas Nusrat Sohail launched a nationwide non-profit organization, Women 2 Women Forum, in April 2017 to provide a networking platform for Pakistani-American women.…

APF Cheers on Team Pakistan at the Robot Olympics in DC

Write up by Aleeza Ali APF's Aleeza Ali with Team Pakistan FIRST Global organizes an annual Olympic style robotics tournament that invites high school teams from all over…

Pakathon & Clinical Research Solutions Pakistan

Edited by Katie Rettig Between 2008 - 2013, 2.7M young professionals left Pakistan in search for better career opportunities.  "Brain drain" is a term commonly used to describe the…

EPoD's Data-Driven Research on Education in Pakistan

Article by Tiffany Simon; Edited by Katie Rettig The last couple of decades have seen major efforts to improve education in Pakistan. In the Punjab alone, the government has implemented…


American Pakistan Foundation Confirms M. Nasar Qureshi, MD, PhD, FCAP to the Board of Directors

The American Pakistan Foundation welcomes Nasar Qureshi, MD, PhD, FCAP, to its Board of Directors.  Dr. Qureshi is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director of QDx Pathology Services,…

APF Serve America Campaign - Tree Care Project

The American Pakistan Foundation is delighted to announce our partnership with the Pakistani American Youth Society and New York City Department of Parks and Recreation on a tree stewardship project.

APF Fellows Program Update

The APF Fellows are busy observing inner workings of NRSP, engaging with program beneficiaries, participating in meetings with NRSP staff and Pakistani officials, and settling into their new roles.

Boston GreenFest Activities Led by Pakistani Americans

Boston GreenFest is a grassroots effort organized by the Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. and its dedicated team of community volunteers. Their goal is to educate and empower people to create a more sustainable, healthier world.

Pakistan's First Female String Theorist, Surgeon Restore's Patient's Voice, Women 2 Women Network Launch, Team Pakistan at the Robot Olympics, and More!

String theory is a high-level, nuanced theoretical framework that attempts to unify the four forces of the universe.

APF Fellows Program Finalists in Pakistan

The American Pakistan Foundation is proud to introduce the finalists of the APF Fellows Program.

APF Team Honored By Mayor's Office and More!

The New York City Mayor's Office recognized 41 American Pakistan Foundation team members at the Mayoral Service Recognition Ceremony.

APF's Serve America Campaign Participation Opportunity and Update

APF's "Serve America" campaign launched in New York City and Washington D.C., where team members and volunteers took part in projects at the Food Bank for New York City Community Kitchen and Food Pantry, and the Central Union Mission, respectively.

USAID National Study Participation Opportunity

The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (NORC) is conducting a USAID study that aims to understand the interest and capacity of Pakistani-Americans to engage in and impact the future development agenda of Pakistan through investment.